Entrepreneurial Assessment

Entrepreneurial Assessment
Entrepreneurial Assessment

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

You’re probably like many aspiring entrepreneurs, wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This page definitively answers the question “Is there a personality type that ensures success as an entrepreneur?”

The Entrepreneurial Assessment will explain the type of personality you have and how you can exploit your personal style and bolster your weaknesses. Using this tool will help you understand why the authors and gurus are wrong when they say certain personality types excel as an entrepreneur. Using this Entrepreneurial Assessment can make the difference between your success or failure as an entrepreneur.

This video explains entrepreneurial personalities. In this video I explain the best type of entrepreneurial personality and I also explode the myths around the different entrepreneurial personalities. (For those who say they have no personality, don’t worry you do have an entrepreneurial personality.)

Reward and Risk

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

Most people exist. They go day-to-day working for someone, trading their time and skills or knowledge for money. They rationalize that they are safe and have little risk and that is why they are working for someone else. They keep up the charade until their employer finds someone younger, someone with better skills, someone with more knowledge, someone willing to work more hours, someone willing to work for less, someone…

An honest evaluation would quickly reveal that you really don’t have less risk working for someone else. (If the owner of a business has to let someone go I can promise you that the owner will always be the last person on the chopping block.)

Employees mistakenly substitute “comfortable” with “safe.” Being comfortable is not the same as being safe.

See, safe is the absence of risk.

While comfort is the willingness to accept the risks.

So, really people are comfortable with the risks that come along with being an employee.

Usually we accept the risk and call it “comfortable” because the alternative – starting your own business – is something you are NOT comfortable with.

Watch these videos to learn more about risk and how entrepreneurs view and assess risks and rewards. Download the Reward and Risk Workbook to assess your risk tolerance and learn more about risk taking.

This FREE workbook will help you to properly assess the rewards and risks of being an entrepreneur. This workbook explores:

  • Why you SHOULD take risks,
  • The reality of rewards,
  • What successful entrepreneurs know, but conveniently forget to acknowledge about risk,
  • How to take a risk, and
  • It includes the Entrepreneur’s Reward and Risk Matrix for you to use.

This fun video will challenge your ability to be rational while taking a risk. Go ahead and watch it, but make sure you take part in the exercises. If you take part in the exercises you’ll experience first hand the mystery behind risk taking and the whole concept will come alive for you. You’ll learn first hand the truth about our ability to judge risks versus rewards.

This video will confront the true risk of starting a business – and it isn’t what you think it is or have heard it is all these years. It explores the Risk-Taking Continuum and allows you to put yourself on the continuum. It explains the different view of risk that entrepreneurs have versus the average person. It explains why people take so few risks – once you understand this you’ll be better able to assess your feelings on starting a business or taking any other risk.