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You can’t afford to fail.  So don’t.

Let the other entrepreneurs go to the library and read the same books as everyone else. Don’t spend your time or money with the self-proclaimed gurus who are repackaging and selling what you can get for free in the library.

Be successful and use this PROVEN information which you’ll get in:

  • Checklists
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  • Action Plans
  • Guides
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This is the same information that Cal used when the National Commission on Entrepreneurship heralded his success with his entrepreneurial community ranking them 1st “…in development of companies that showed 75 to 100 percent growth…” over the five-year period that he worked with these entrepreneurs.

National Commission on Entrepreneurship Article
Knowledge and Action Conquer Fear by Cal Tingey

You don’t have to fear

Fear is a result of not knowing the outcome. If you knew for absolute certainty that you would be successful as an entrepreneur would you stay in your current unrewarding, time-demanding, energy draining job? Of course not.

You’ve heard the statistic that “4 out or 5 businesses fail” and that’s what keep you from making a change – you don’t want to be a statistic. You don’t have to fail.  Those businesses that failed just didn’t do the right things because they got their information from the wrong place.  If 4 out of 5 businesses fail you need to ask, “Where did they get their information?”  The answer is that they all got the same information – from the library, from a college course, from a “one-hit” guru.  But they didn’t get it here or they would have been ranked by the National Commission on Entrepreneurship in the top of the nation for growing their business.

Why the Gurus are Wrong

Other gurus will tell you that your mind is not ready to make money, that you have “success blocks” that need to be dealt with.

That’s their solution because they don’t have any other answers. You don’t have any mental blocks; you just don’t know what to do to be successful.

The Proven Path to Success

Our proven Entrepreneurial Path works for all businesses in all industries.  If you want to be successful do what successful entrepreneurs do.  The National Commission on Entrepreneurship said that the community of entrepreneurs which used this proven entrepreneurial path, ranked #1 in the country for businesses that saw 75 to 100 percent growth in the five years that they used this exact information.  You too can know what these successful entrepreneurs learned and implemented.

You can have the same powerful information to help you succed.

It’s a good thing you are here

Getting rich, being a success, and living the life you dream of is not dependent upon your engaging in some particular business, but upon your learning to do that business in a certain way.

There is proof that the key to success is learning the secrets to doing business in a certain way. Everywhere we see successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs coexisting in the same environment and often in the same industry. When two entrepreneurs are in the same locality and in the same industry, and one is successful while the other remains unsuccessful, it shows that being successful is not primarily a matter of environment or type of business.

Furthermore, the ability to do business in the certain way is not due solely to the possession of talent, good looks, or advanced degrees. Many people who have great talent, outstanding good looks, or advanced degrees remain unsuccessful, while others who have very little become successful.

If you study the people who have become successful, you will find that they are average in most respects, having no greater talents and abilities than the other people. It’s evident that they do not become successful because they possess talents and abilities that others don’t have, THEY BECOME SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE THEY DO BUSINESS IN A CERTAIN WAY.

What I have compiled for you are proven secrets for success. In addition, I have provided worksheets, guides, videos, booklets, and action plans that will help you implement these secrets. Because it’s not just the knowledge that is so powerful, it’s the implementation of this knowledge that’s powerful – you must take action.

Will this work for me?

Watch these videos in order to see how this information became so powerful

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Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Take the wording from my book on how to acheive success

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

It’s a good thing you are here

You’re probably like many aspiring entrepreneurs, wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This Entrepreneurial Assessment section definitively answers the question “Is there a personality type that ensures success as an entrepreneur?”

In addition to the Entrepreneurail Assessment, you’ll find information that will help you overcome the number 1 concern associated with being an entrepreneur – risk.  Watch the videos to learn more about risk and how entrepreneurs view and assess risks and rewards. Download the free Reward and Risk Workbook in that section to assess your risk tolerance and learn more about risk taking.

How do I grow my existing business?

Profit Level 5

If you have an existing business should you have a coach, a consultant, join a mastermind group, pay for a mentor, or just utilize your CPA’s expertise?

Well that depends on what your needs are.

–  A coach will hold you accountable and cheer you through the tough times.
–  A mastermind group will share their experiences with you and help you make their experiences applicable to your business.
–  A mentor will show you how he or she did it.
–  Your CPA will continue to give you the same advice based on what has happened.

But our Profit Level 5 consultants will give you forward looking strategic plans that will help you reach your goals. These strategic plans will be combined with action steps that you can implement and be accountable for. Added to all this is the step where we teach you not only the what and the how, but the why you should take certain action.

When you understand your actions you can implement with certainty and follow through with conviction. Profit Level 5 consulting is so effective you can see the difference in your financial statements.

Discover why these programs work so well

You can ‘t find this material anywhere else

If you want the same success as the other entrepreneurs Cal has worked with this is your chance.

You won’t find this information anywhere else. It is not available in the library. You won’t find it in a college course. The other gurus don’t have this information (yet). You can only get it here. This is copyrighted by Cal Tingey, MBA. You can ONLY find it here.

This is the same information that helped the community of entrepreneurs Cal worked with to be ranked #1 in the U.S.A for companies that grew 75 to 100%. (Ranked by the National Commission on Entrepreneurship)